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16429 Bear Town Rd.

Baraga MI  49908


KBIC Members Residing in Baraga & Marquette Counties

There will be a General Welfare Support Program payment for those members who are residing in Baraga and Marquette Counties as of September 1 and who are 18 years & older and who meet the eligibility requirements.

The deadline to submit all address verifications will be October 30. No information will be taken or considered after that date.

For more information, please read the attached flyer here.


Attention KBIC Baraga District Voters

Due to the outbreak of positive Coronavirus cases in our area and the number of tribal members who have been required to quarantine, the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Election Board is allowing those voters who have been affected to request absentee ballots up to 4 pm Friday, October 30th, 2020 as this is considered a medical emergency.  

You must request this in writing by emailing  You will be notified of an approximate time when two Election Workers along with a police officer will come to your home, deliver the ballot, wait for you to complete it and insert it into the ballot box.  

If there are any question, please contact Dianne Waara, Chair of the Election Board at 353-4190 or 395-6263.


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