Tribal Council

The KBIC Tribal Council is comprised or 12 members elected to serve 3 year terms by the voting membership. Tribal elections are held annually in the month of December with reorganization taking place the following January. One third of the council is up for election every year.

2020 Tribal Council Members

President: Warren C. Swartz Jr.
Vice-President: Gary F. Loonsfoot, Jr.
Secretary: Kim Klopstein
Assistant Secretary: Toni J. Minton
Treasurer: Doreen G. Blaker
Council Member: Robert R.D Curtis, Jr.
Council Member: ​​​​​​​ Susan LaFernier
Council Member: Randall R. Haataja
Council Member: Eddy Edwards
Council Member: Dale Goodreau
Council Member: Rodney Loonsfoot
Council Member: Don Messer