Youth Program

Services: The goal of the Youth Program and facility are to support strong family values that create a caring community to nurture and support children/families with new and expanded tribal programs and services; to provide opportunity and support for all Tribal families and to flourish and strengthen in a caring, safe and effective environment; to provide opportunities for tribal members to volunteer and assist each other and the community; to provide more family-centered activities utilizing the Niwiin Akeaa Rec Facility for the community. The KBIC Youth Program sponsors many educational, cultural and recreational activities throughout the year that the area youth can participate in. The KBIC Youth Programs are responsible for holding annual KBIC Youth Halloween and Christmas parties, Youth dances, youth basketball league, etc. Our objective is to increase opportunities for youth involved in mentoring programs, to continually improve the quality and expand the quantity of programs and services to Tribal Youth. 

            The KBIC Youth Club is available for KBIC Youth, age 10-17. The objective of the club is to be involved in different community events and hold fundraisers for the club. The goal is for the Youth to earn 20 hours or more of volunteer time and participate in the fundraisers that are held to be eligible to attend the annual Youth Club Summer Trip, which takes place in August.


Eligibility: Eligibility is determined as follows: Children residing within Baraga and Marquette County and enrolled with the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, children eligible to be enrolled, or children with at least one enrolled parent between the ages of 0-17 years old, depending on the activity. 

Youth Program Activity Fund

Services: The KBIC Youth Program has funding assistance available to eligible KBIC families. Each fiscal year, a per-child amount is approved by the KBIC Tribal Council. The amount is currently $250.00. Request that will be paid must fall under one of the following criteria; organized extracurricular activity fees, athletic fees, in or out of school (example  - basketball, gymnastics, skating, hockey, skiing, swimming, football, etc.), athletic equipment, camps (sports, bible, culture), school-related activities, school pictures, and school clothes. Educational travel is funded and the funding can be banked through the eligible child’s high school (7-12 grade) career (banked means each years funding can carryover and be used in the following year(s)).


Eligibility: The child must be an enrolled KBIC member or a child of an enrolled KBIC member and both the child and parent/guardian must reside within the same household within the service area. The child must be age 0-17 or in high school. The fund services  Baraga County and the Marquette Trust Property.



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