Government operations of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community are currently in  Phase I.  All buildings are being prepared for the health and safety of the community and employees.  During Phase 1, buildings remain closed to the public with the exception of the Police and Health Department.  The Tribe will move into Phase 2 of reopening on Monday, June 15, 2020.  At that time, members may schedule appointments to various offices.  All departments/offices will require the use of masks and social distancing.  Members will also be required to get their temperature taken prior to entering the buildings. If someone does not have a mask, a disposable one will be provided.  The use of hand sanitizer is also required.   Buildings will limited to a maximum of 50% occupancy as determined by the Fire Marshall.

Accounting remains closed to the public.  Office area will be limited to employees only.

The CEO’s and President’s office will take appointments by calling 353-4104 or emailing

Commodity Foods Program can be reached by calling 524-7340 or emailing Food is currently being provided. 

The Community Assistance Programs will take appointments by calling 353-4206 or emailing  Assistance available includes General Assistance through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, LIHEAP and CSBG. 

The Court can be reached at 353-8124 or by emailing The Court shall conduct all hearings by video/telephonic as necessary during Phase 1. During Phase 2, the Court shall begin limited hearings (in-person), the use of video and telephonic services shall be used as necessary during this phase.  The number of people in a respective hearing shall be limited to ten (10) people including Court staff. Public access to the Court is allowed using recommended measures. 

Enrollment/Licensing will be issuing and mailing out hunting/fishing/trapping licenses.  Motor vehicle transactions will be done by appointment.   You can call 353-4114 or 4111 or email or  

Education questions can be emailed to  This office remains closed to the public. 

Fire and Emergency Management Department (FEMD) can be reached by calling 524-4142 or by emailing

Forestry can be reached by calling 353-4591 or emailing

Office of the Gaming Commission can be reached by calling 353-4225. 

Grants can be reached by calling 353-4205 or emailing

Health System can be called at 353-8700.  You may also email

Housing can be called at 353-7117 for an appointment.  There will be a security box for tenants to drop off rent payments, applications or recertification paperwork.  A stand will be available for general tenant information, applications for rentals and homeowner assistance program.  Hand sanitizer will be available for tenants/applicants coming in with scheduled appointments.  Persons with scheduled appointments will wait in the meeting room until their appointment begins. 

Natural Resources can be called at 524-5757 ext 0.  

Personnel will email or mail applications for hire.  You can call 353-4140 or email Interviews will be done by phone or computer.  Applications can be mailed in or put in drop box outside of Tribal Center. 

Pharmacy may be called at 353-4555.

Police can be reached at 353-6626. 

Pre-Primary Education Program is currently not operating at this time.   

Realty can be reached by calling 353-4132 or emailing  Appointments must be scheduled.

Senior’s Center can be called at 353-6096.  Building will remain closed.  Meals are being delivered only to those that are homebound for a medical condition on file. Otherwise, meals are to be picked up. 

Social Services can be reached by calling 353-4201.  This line is covered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Substance Abuse Programs (SAP) can be reached by calling 524-4411 or emailing

Transitional Home Programs & Services Niimigimiwang Domestic Violence emergency response advocacy will be facilitated using the 24/7 support/crisis line (phone number 906-353-4599 or KBIC Tribal Police 353-6626). The crisis phone is managed by staff at the Transitional Home staff.

Tribal Attorney’s office can be reached by calling 353-4107 or emailing,, or

Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) is not operating at this time. 

Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) is not operating at this time.

Youth/Fitness Programs are not operating at this time.