During a proclaimed period of a National Emergency relating to illness such as the H1N1 Influenza Pandemic

(Swine Flu), Bird Flu, etc., where the health and wellbeing of employees is at risk, employees may be required to comply with additional conditions of employment relating to attendance as follows;

  1. Information relating to the illness and the attempt to control its spread will be issued to all employees and posted in all Tribal Buildings. The information will be supplied by the KBIC Health Department and employees are requested to follow the recommendations.
  2. In the event it is substantiated, through telephone contact, that the proclaimed illness affects 51% or more of the employees causing them to not report to work at any Tribal building, the building will be closed and disinfected prior to reopening. Only essential employees, as defined by the Department Director, will need to report to work if required and will receive compensatory time. The CEO will make the determination to close a building after consulting with the Health Administrator and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. Employees will be paid for the number of hours missed based on the number of hours they were scheduled to work during the closure.
  3. Employees who report to work during a proclaimed period and are visually ill will be required to leave work immediately. The decision will be made by the Department Manager and CEO. This measure is to avoid the spread of illness and to protect the health and wellbeing of all employees.

a. When an employee is directed to leave work they may use sick leave, annual leave, or accumulated compensatory time for the number of hours lost. If the employee does not have sick leave, annual leave or accumulated compensatory time available, they will be required to take leave without pay.

b. When an employee is directed to leave work and does not agree with the decision, they must still comply with the directive. An employee can report to their doctor to obtain written documentation indicating they do not have, are infected with or are not at the contagious stage of the proclaimed illness or any illness that may be spread to other employees. If the employee is deemed not to be contagious, he/she may report back to work with the signed Doctor’s documentation and will receive pay for the number of hours lost. An employee must see a doctor within 24 hours of being sent home in order to be paid for the lost hours. (Approved by Council 11-6-2009)

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