RN On-Call


  1. Abides by the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics ..
  2. Delegates activities appropriately to ancillary nursing personnel.
  3. Maintains strict confidentiality in accordance with the standards of the Indian Health Services and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  4. Uses Universal Precautions for anticipated contact with bodily fluids or other infectious materials.
  5. Promotes professional working relationships with members of the health care team.
  6. Compiles monthly reports for Medical Clinic.
  7. Inventories and secures all medications.
  8. Assists in the maintenance of the KBIC Health System Referral log.
  9. Responsible for the assessment, plan of care, implementation/intervention concerning the patient
    Duties include:
    • Obtaining vital signs.
    • Completing patient assessment/observation; monitoring and reporting patient's vital signs and
    • symptoms.
    • Preparing patients for examinations and procedures.
    • Operating and maintaining medical equipment.
    • Performing blood sugar, urine and hematocrit testing.
    • Collecting routine lab specimens for processing.
    • Maintaining patient flow throughout the Clinic.
    • Recalling patients for follow up care.
    • Performing chart reviews.
    • Collecting and compiling medical data.
    • Identifying patient problems and devise a nursing care plan to meet the needs of the patient.
    • Prioritizing nursing care based on the nursing care plan and patient acuity level.
    • Evaluating and documenting patient response to plan of care.
    • Coordinating non-nursing disciplines to implement individualized plan of care.
    • Notifying the physician concerning patient status changes
    • Teaching the patient and/or family the individual patient care needs.
    • Preparing medication refills for patients as requested.
    • Redressing bandages and performing other wound care, as needed.
    • Documenting in daily logs.
    • Submitting daily charge codes.
    • Maintaining a patient advocacy assuring the compliance with patient rights.
    • Reviewing physician orders and insures appropriate integration with the patient plan of care.
    • Communicating rationale for physician and nursing interventions to the patient and/or family.
    • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.
  10. Other duties as assigned by supervisor