Natural Resources Tech On-Call


General Work Duties
Technician will primarily assist Natural Resource Specialist and the Plant Technician with invasive plant
species inventory and control work, native plant seed collection, native species planting project work,
native plant harvest, and greenhouse duties.

Technician will collect and record data, use maps and compass, and use and maintain GPS units, data
loggers, and various other types of field equipment.

Technician will be responsible for recording detailed field observations as instructed, collecting field
samples, manual, chemical, or biological invasive plant species control work, native species seed
collection, and become familiar with a range of native and invasive plant species. Technician will be
required to complete daily work activity logs, monthly summary work reports, timesheets, and other
administrative record keeping reports.

Technician shall be required to attend and successfully complete Pesticide Applicator Certification
courses to maintain employment.

Technician shall have a current valid driver's license and be capable of safely and responsibly
transporting and operating various types of field vehicles including four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles
and 4-wheel ATV's. Technician shall responsibly use and care for various hand and power tools,
including rakes, shovels, cutters, and other such tools.

Technician shall be in good physical health, able to perform physically strenuous duties for long periods
of time, and shall be able to regularly lift and carry 50 pounds of equipment. Technician shall be
capable of working in and walking through rough terrain. Technician shall be able to work for periods
of time in inclement weather including cold, snow, rain, sleet, and extreme heat.

Data Entry, Collation
Technician shall be required to complete data collation, data entry, and maintain work files. This work
will involve use of a computer for data entry.

Daily Duties
Technician shall receive work instructions from and report daily to the Natural Resources Specialist or
the Plant Technician.

Technician may be required to assist Natural Resource Department staff in other program areas
including, but not limited to, fisheries, aquaculture, wildlife inventory, environmental sampling or
testing, general maintenance and operations, grounds keeping, facility improvements, Kid's Fishing
Derby and other outreach activities, and other natural resource and environmental work on or near the
L'Anse Indian Reservation, Baraga County, Michigan.