Seasonal Wildlife Technician

Closing Date 6/13/19, 12:00 AM
  • Complete relevant training for the position as directed and when available that may include: road stream crossing inventory protocols, fishery techniques, macroinvertebrate sampling and identification, plant identification, water sampling techniques, wildlife identification
  • Carry out biological and physical road stream crossing surveys following standardized protocols.
  • Must collect information and data in an efficient manner and be able to record data neatly, accurately, and completely.
  • Clean and maintain all equipment as it is utilized (including vehicles).
  • Maintain inventory of field survey supplies.
  • Assist wildlife, fisheries, and water staff in collation and entry of data. Perform data entry into a computer.
  • Assist with planting of native plants and identification and removal of invasive species.
  • Record and transcribe road stream crossing survey, water quality, and biological/habitat assessment data and enter this data into a computer database (i.e. Microsoft Access).
  • Shall be required to work in inclement weather and a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Shall report daily to supervisor, complete work as assigned and be required to complete and submit various reports and summaries including work logs, data collection, designing and presenting public education materials, and monthly reports.
  • Maintain effective and professional communication and working relationships with relevant Department staff, Tribal and Federal personnel, and members of the community.
  • Assist with KBIC education and outreach events.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding Department and KBIC related information and data.
  • Must be able to travel or stay out of town or out of the area for work-related duties or trainings.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.